• 1. The large holes that can be found in certain race tracks, like the hole filled with water and a duck float in Magic Island. Do they count as one space for ranged weapons?

     Yes, they count as one only space.  As long as the attack is performed in the same lane where your car is. 

     2. Can attacks from ranged weapons cross over holes in the race tracks?

     The attacks of all ranged weapons can cross over every hole.

     3. My car was pushed into a pothole and I've drawn a “Crash!” card to take the damage, in which square will I return to the race?

     You will return in the same square from where you fell into the pothole.

     4. When using a potion, can I switch positions with another player when there are other cars in between?

     Yes, you may switch positions with any car within the range indicated by your card.

     5. If I want to throw a potion at an opponent equipped with a shield, does the shield break when hit by the potion?

     If you throw a potion at an opponent with a shield in the back of the car, you will not switch positions, but the shield will break. 

     6. What happens when I attack an already damaged section of a rival car?

    The official rule is that nothing happens, you lose your turn action.

    But you may apply one of these home rules instead:

    1- The rival draws a Crash! card and receives the damage indicated by the card.

    2- The attacked rival spins off, forcing them to spend one movement point to turn their car at the start of their next turn.

     7. I placed nails or a spike trap on the track and so did another player after me. How can we identify which token belongs to whom in case we earn a crystal after an opponent steps on them?

    You don’t receive crystals if an opponent steps on one of your nails or spike traps.  

    You only receive crystals if you perform a successful hand-to-hand attack with them against a rival.

    8. When the race leader crosses the finish line, are nails and spike trap tokens removed from the board? 


    9. Regarding shields. Do shields protect you from nails and spike traps on the track? Do they protect you against collisions?

     Yes, you are protected if you are wearing shields on your tires, avoiding flat tires. But the shields break after stepping on them.

     They also protect you against collisions, but the shields would break that same turn. Place a broken shield token. Discard it at the start of the next round.

    10. Can a spike trap be destroyed with a bazooka or a bomb?

     No, spike traps are only destroyed if a car steps on them or with the vacuum.

     11. Can I use the bazooka against any rival in my lane, even if there are other cars in between (also in the same lane)? Or do I have to attack the first car in the direction of my attack?

    You may choose which rival to attack when you use a bazooka, even if there are other rivals in the same lane, as long as it is within range and in the same lane.  The bazooka is the “sniper” weapon in the game.

     12. Do I get 2 crystals when I destroy 2 hard tires with my pet, a bomb or spike trap?

     No, only 1 with your pet/bombs (it’s the same attack). You don’t receive crystals for the spike trap.

     13. How does the range of the spray works? I don’t understand the number 1 with a green arrow above it shown on the card. 

     You can use the spray in two different ways. First, when you enter a curve. The number 1 and the arrow are the range of the weapon.  You can use the spray on the previous square, right before you enter the curve.  In this case, the spray is used to add a +2 G-force token to the curve. By doing this, it is easier for you to enter the curve.

     The other way to use the spray is after you exit a curve. For example, when you exit a curve and you are in the next square outside the curve, you can use the spray behind you (the 1 on the card is the weapon’s range), and you may place a -1 token to prevent your rivals from entering the curve. 

    Summing up, you can use the spray when you enter a curve to place a +2 token (for your own benefit), or you can use it when you exit a curve and place a -1 token (to hinder your rivals).

     14. What happens when a car is pushed “off the track” (i.e. with a punch attack when driving on an outer lane)?

     In this case, apply the damage only.

     15. Can a car be pushed into another square when trapped by mucus in another square?

     Yes. In this case, apply the standard rules for the attacking weapon.

     16. A player wants to use their turbo card, when do they have to declare it: at the start of the round or at the start of their own turn?

     They pick a card normally, but they don’t have to declare they will use the Turbo card  until the start of their own turn, or if they suffer an attack, thus discarding the selected card.

     17. When do players discard their cards? at the end of the round? and they draw 3 new cards at the start of the next?

     Each player must choose 1 out of 3 cards at the start of the round and discard the other 2, placing them next to their deck. When a new turn begins, each player takes 3 new cards and selects one for the new round, and so on. Once all the cards have been played/discarded, shuffle the discard pile and start anew.

     18. Should I announce that I will use brakes and/or nitro before I start moving?

     No, you don’t need to. You can use your brakes and nitro after you've started moving, at any time you want.

     19. Cards 5º and 6º to select position, are they kept in the weather deck for the entire race?

     No, cards 5º and 6º are only used to select positions at the start of the race, discard them afterwards.

     20. Can I have more than 5 nitro or brakes?

     No, you can have up to a maximum of 5.

     21. Where is Ghost Darkthony placed if there is another car on the square where it ends its movement?

     Ghost Darkthon will damage that car, who draws a damage card.  Ghost Darkthony will stop ahead of that car, in the first available square in that lane. 

     22. How should we proceed when an event, such as a tornado, switches the positions of the cars: 1st<>3rd and 2nd<>4th?

     Let’s assume you are racing for 2 laps.  The first player to cross the finish line takes a weather card and an event card.  In this case that player draws the tornado, switching the cars’ positions. The player running first just crossed the finish line, receiving a crystal, buying or repairing their car and the tornado has moved them back to 3rd position, so they won’t receive crystals, buy or repair when they cross the finish line again, since they’ve just done so.

     23. The rulebook says that each player must make a Pit Stop once per lap. Is it really mandatory? 

     it is not mandatory to make a Pit Stop (PS square), it's completely voluntary.

     This clarification is for the French rulebook, since there is an errata in the explanation of the Pit Stop variant.  

     24. Inside the Pit Stop, the player rolls 3 dice but, can they choose to roll all or only some of them to get the 3 icons they want? Or should the player always roll the 3 dice?

     You must always roll all 3 dice.

     25. Is it mandatory to enter a curve through the white arrows?


     26. When you use brakes you reduce your G-force by 1, can you also choose to reduce your speed?

     You can use the brakes in two different ways. Reducing your G-force without reducing your movement points (i.e. to enter a curve), or you can use your brakes to reduce your movement points by 1, without reducing your G-force. You must declare how you will use them.

     27. How do diagonals work in curves? how do weapons work?

    Below you will find an image to clarify which are adjacent squares and which are diagonals.

    Blue lines are adjacent squares and green-marked lines are diagonals, both for attack and movement purposes.





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